200350786-001.jpgPodcasts are a great tool for you to develop your listening skills.
They will also allow you to practise listening to native speakers and their different accents.
If you would like to get the podcast delivered straight to your computer, just subscribe to the RSS feed found on each website.
Sometimes, you may find transcripts of the podcast and this will help you assimilate new language more effectively.

The links to the podcasts found here have been grouped under different themes. Just click on the links and enjoy!

Science & Technology

MIT World
MIT World is a free and open site that provides on demand video of significant public events at MIT.
MIT World's video index contains more than 700 videos.

BBC Science & Nature

Science Magazine Podcasts
Here are great quality podcasts from the magazine "Science".

Scientific American Podcasts
Here are podcasts from the famous magazine "Scientific American".

YouTube Science Channel